Percale Fitted Sheets

$135.00 - $165.00


Our 400 thread-count cotton percale fitted sheet is soft and lightweight, allowing for maximum comfort and breathability throughout the night. This timeless Orient Express bedding essential is available in white or midnight blue.

  • Exclusively for Orient Express
  • 100% cotton percale
  • 400 thread count
  • Extra long fibres
  • Fits mattress up to 18" deep
  • Available in Midnight Blue or White
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Italy

An Exclusive Orient Express Creation


A Superior Quality Fabric

Cotton percale is a timeless and durable material with a matte finish that brings a sensational softness to the skin. Its luxury quality echoes the refinement beloved by Orient-Express passengers.

The Weaving

A tight weave for an ultra-soft, matte appearance.

The Colours

Available in white or midnight blue, Orient Express’s signature colour.

The Fabric

100% cotton percale with extra-long, silky fibres.


Anatomy of the Percale Fitted Sheet

A bedding essential offering a refined touch.